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Choosing the Right Home Alarm Systems in Toronto To Fit Your Needs

January 31, 2018

Home Alarm Systems in TorontoWhen you’re looking at home alarm systems in Toronto, there can be a lot of choices to choose from.  Plus, a lot of security companies may be trying to upsell you on equipment or features you don’t actually need.  Making a smart and cost-effective investment into home alarms means thinking about your needs, and understanding the choices you will be making in terms of technology.

In this blog post, we wanted to discuss some of your major options, and help you make the best possible choice when buying home alarm systems.

Three Important Factors When Choosing a Home Alarm System


  • Types of monitoring

This is one of the most basic choices:  If your home alarm is set off, how does it contact the security company monitoring the alarm?  There are three basic choices here:

Landline phones:  This is the cheapest option, but very susceptible to tampering because cutting your phone line renders the alarm useless.

Cellular:  Cellular monitoring systems are robust and very difficult to tamper with.  However, they are also the most expensive option.

Broadband:  This is often seen as the best of both worlds – less expensive than cellular, but more reliable than a landline. Still, if your Internet goes out, your alarm can be compromised.

  • Do you want home automation features?

In modern smartphones, your alarm system can be tied into your overall home automation system.  A single smartphone app could theoretically power everything from your alarm system to your lights to your garage door and even your door locks and thermostat.  Smart home monitoring can be extremely convenient, and potentially even improve your overall security coverage.  On the other hand, that also means your smartphone will be the key to your kingdom, so you will need to be extra diligent with your devices not to mentioned the added cost that goes with these modern conveniences. Still, Smart Home Monitoring seems to be what most are asking for these days and as it becomes more and more of the norm, you will see the cost drop substantially in the upcoming years.

  • Professional vs. DIY Installation

Yes, it is possible to install your home alarm system by yourself.  However, this is rarely a good idea. There is too much that could potentially go wrong.  Plus, you are already going to be hiring a company to monitor your alarm.  If they handle installation as well, you’ll know the installation is done right, and they will be better informed about your security situation. In most cases, if you add the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment and time to attempt the installation yourself, its usually just slightly more to have your local alarm company offer you there 3 year package with monitoring. For the little extra, you get professional installation and monitoring. The numbers just make sense!

Smart4U Knows Home Alarm Systems in Toronto


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