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Does my Security Alarm System in Toronto Need Monitoring or Can I Do It Myself?

March 15, 2018

This is a question we are asked fairly often, by clients in Toronto who recognize the need for security monitoring, but sometimes wonder if they can manage it on their own. The answer to that depends on how one weighs the pros and cons of professional-monitored versus self-monitored security systems.

Getting Professional Help


This is how it works: A company-monitored security system is installed by professional security companies and triggers signals to a call center when the alarm is tripped, and the system is engaged. The company then contacts the client or police, depending on what has triggered the alarm. The advantage of a company-monitored system is that all possible blind spots across a property are effectively covered. Also, these systems are geared to protect even in the event of a power outage or natural emergency.

The only downside is that companies require clients to sign contracts and pay monthly monitoring fees. False alarms also can be triggered, although these can be easily avoided with a few precautions.

Monitoring Security Yourself


It’s easy to see why this seems like an attractive proposition — install a system yourself and then monitor it remotely using smartphone apps or other means. The biggest advantage here is a monetary one and that’s about it. Not engaging a company to monitor your alarm means you don’t have to pay monthly fees but service, installation and equipment costs is on you.

There are a few additional disadvantages as well. Unfortunately, for one, a lot of these security systems are signaled by Wi-Fi, which means they switch off if the power is out. Secondly, if your smartphone connectivity is poor, you simply won’t receive notifications when an alarm is tripped. Finally, because these systems are not installed by professionals, they tend to cover specific areas, leaving unattended gaps across a property.

Smart4U Understands Security Monitoring in Toronto


Smart4U Security has been monitoring security alarm systems in Toronto for thousands of clients. If you have any questions about what system works best for your needs, get in touch with us today!