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Home Alarm & Security Systems in Milton

When you’re searching for the leading  security systems for your Milton home, you should try to locate a specialist with decades of experience in the industry. Our team at Smart4U Security is committed to providing quality security systems at affordable pricing. We have a comprehensive understanding on the security challenges Milton homeowners face and can help you to respond to your home needs with the latest in- home automations systems.

Home Security & Smart Home Automation

Home Alarm & Security Systems in Milton
Our  home automation systems support security and control within your Milton home. These systems feature:

  • Window, door sensors & motion detection so alerts can be sent when property is entered in a security incident
  • IP cameras and connected app, which allows remote viewing of all home areas
  • Smoke & Carbon monoxide detection so local authorities are contacted immediately when a leak is detected
  • Full home temperature control via the remote app
  • Immediate alerts when children arrive home safe
  • Temperature control
  • Door lock control

And much more….

Saving Lives and Preventing Home Damage

One of the great benefits of the security systems installed in your Milton home by Smart4U Security is that the system can alert emergency personnel immediately in the event of an incident in your home. This means that, in the event of a fire, for example, the system can detect the problem and then send an alert to local emergency teams for a response. This speed of response time is closely linked with improved outcomes in emergency events.

It’s a security service that has helped save countless lives across Milton and it’s essential for your home.

Experience in Custom Home Security Systems

When choosing security systems for your Milton home, you need to work with a company that understands the many benefits of customization.

We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners in Milton, Burlington and Toronto as a leading local home alarm systems expert, and can ensure custom solutions to complex security challenges.

Each element of our service is optimized for the unique property.

We can install security cameras throughout the home to maximize coverage. We can also offer a full range of home automation solutions, including mobile temperature control and mobile lighting systems control.

It’s the service expected of one of the top Milton alarm companies. Our team is now serving families in Burlington, Milton, Toronto and the surrounding areas with the ideal home automation security systems for their property. Call now for a consultation.

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Smart Home Monitoring

Free Front Door Camera with new Installation

Promo includes:

  • 1 Front Door Camera
  • 1 Touchscreen Control Panel
  • 1 Cellular Communicator (gsm)
  • 4 Door or Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • Deterrent signs and decals from Local Monitoring Station
  • Two-way voice communication with monitoring station
  • Remote Internet Access and Control
  • Smart Phone App and Access and Control
  • Geo Services and Arming Reminders
  • Activity Alerts
  • Smart Heating and Cooling Schedules
  • Starting at $49.95 per Month
Promo Details

Residential Home Security

Bonus Offer: 1 Camera and DVR Free with new Installation

Promo includes:

  • 1 Touchscreen Keypad
  • 1 ip camera and DVR4 Door or Window Sensors 1 Motion Sensor 1 Smoke Detector
    Starting at $25.95 per month
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Surveillance Systems CCTV / IP / High-Def

Custom Packages Available

Promo includes:

  • High Definition Surveillance
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • IP Camera
  • Analogue Cameras
  • Network video storage
  • Remote accessibility
  • Wired and Wireless connectivity
  • Video Analytics
  • Custom solution for all sizes
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Existing Alarm System

Switch & Save Today 2 Security Cameras & DVR Free

Promo includes:

  • Switch your current monitoring provider to Smart 4 U Authorized Local Monitoring Station Dealer and receive
  • 2 Security Cameras
  • 1- DVR
  • Full system check
  • Full System test
  • Monitoring starting at $19.95 per month