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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Your Smart Home System

July 25, 2018

A smart home system in Toronto provides luxury, convenience and functionality

Gone are the days when a home security system in Toronto simply deters thieves and vandals and alerts the authorities in the event of a break-in. A smart home security system offers video monitoring, energy management, access control and connected devices in addition to protecting your home. All these features may be controlled by a mobile device, tablet or computer with a cellular (GSM) or wifi connection.

Here are five things a smart home security system in Toronto can put in the palm of your hand.


Check on your pets with Smart Home Monitoring

With a smart home security system in Toronto you can have peace of mind when travelling. Video monitoring will allow you to check on your pets to see how, and what, they’re doing. The system will alert you when your pet sitter arrives and leaves as well as monitor them while they’re in your house. Finally, the system will monitor your home’s environment – including temperature and the presence of carbon monoxide – to leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling that your furry friends are fine.

Open and close your garage door with Smart Home Monitoring

Have you ever returned home to realize that you had left your garage door open? And all your belongings in it exposed? That won’t happen with a smart home security system in Toronto.

You will be able to open or close your home’s garage door from anywhere. This can be handy if a neighbour asks to borrow something stored in your garage. As well, you will be able to set the system to close the garage door when it arms.

Engage your home’s locks with Smart Home Monitoring

Similar to the garage door feature, with a smart home security system in Toronto you will be able to lock or unlock your home’s doors at any time and from anywhere.

Have you ever misplaced your house keys? Has a neighbour ever needed access to your home while you’re away? Would you like your children to have keyless entry? You can enjoy these conveniences with smart locks.

Be notified when your children arrive home with Smart Home Monitoring

A smart home security system in Toronto can include contact sensors on your home’s front door together with a remote video camera covering the front entrance. You will be alerted when your children arrive home from school and will be able to view with whom they’re arriving! Never worry again about them making it home from school safely or who they might be bringing home with them.

Don’t burn dinner when you’re late with Smart Home Monitoring

If you set your crock pot to finish cooking a roast when you expected to arrive home you won’t have to worry if you’ve been delayed at work or with shopping. With a smart home security system in Toronto you will be able to turn off that crock pot remotely using a smart plug.

Indulge in these convenient and valuable smart home features. Contact Smart4U, your Toronto smart home security system dealer, today!