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Make Sure Your Cannabis Store Is Properly Secure

September 07, 2018

Canada is now entering a “brave new world,” where we are about to become the first G7 nation in history to legalize the use of cannabis at the national level, having only been preceded by Uruguay. And for people in business, this clearly represents one thing: a massive business opportunity.

Cannabis Store Is Properly Secure

However, with this business opportunity also comes a major factor to consider, which is the much larger and more serious legal responsibility to maintain security. If you’re thinking of being one of the pioneer entrepreneurs in this exciting new market, you must be able to meet these requirements.

Secure your cannabis store by upholding the Law

As with a restaurant, a pharmacy, or even a liquor store in those provinces that have privatized it, there are very strict and specific laws regarding the sale and security of these consumable goods. Like alcohol and cigarettes, cannabis is a controlled substance that is not freely accessible to all people, such as children.

This restriction also means that an entrepreneur must set aside a certain amount of money to invest in electronic security. Theft, unfortunately, is going to be a concern once cannabis lawfully goes on sale. And it is up to each proprietor to respect the laws of his or her respective area and meet the legally outlined security requirements as defined by that province. That will mean giving significant consideration to these factors.

CCTV Camera Surveillance

Cameras are a good idea no matter what kind of business you run. Today’s CCTV or closed-circuit television cameras are very different from the security measures of the past. Low grade, black and white footage stored on videotape has been replaced with full-colour, high definition images that are crisp, precise, and much better for identification and evidence submission purposes.

The bulky, costly videotape storage solutions of the 20th century have been replaced with digital video recording systems (DVR’s) that save everything on a hard drive and can be easily transferred to other storage destinations if required. The footage can even be remotely viewed from any device with an internet connection if needed! Cameras are great for monitoring both customer and employee behaviour, since, unfortunately, employee theft can also be something you’ll deal with.

Monitored Security Alarms Systems

Another standard—and legally required—practice is to have a Local Monitoring Station installed to detect tampering, intrusion, and, of course, theft. Alarm systems should be automated, but there should also be a manual “panic button” system in place at every point of sale, so employees are always able to declare an emergency and call for help.

Access Control

Being able to effectively, but efficiently, restrict access to employee and storage areas to authorized personnel is another important consideration. Key cards, biometric locks, and other difficult-to-counter modern security measures ensure that only the people who need access to parts of your store can get it.

Always make sure that your security measures are deployed appropriately and that you frequently check if they are working, need updates, or have been tampered with. Make sure alarms are there for doors, windows, and merchandise. Put access control systems on all entries, even rear exits. And make sure cameras have coverage of the store interior, the entrance, and perimeter. As a new endeavour, you’ll want to be prepared for anything!

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