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Smart Home Security Systems Are More Affordable Than You Think

April 11, 2018

If you believe that having a smart home security system in Toronto is too expensive, believe that you can’t afford not to have one. The commercialization and adoption of smart home security system technology have brought the price down. Smart 4U, your Toronto alarm company, would be happy to explain the system ins and outs to you. This blog post will describe the benefits of having a smart home security system in Toronto and the costs of going without one.

The largest benefit of a smart home security system is around-the-clock protection. With its dedicated cellular connection, the system cannot be disarmed by cutting the phone or cable lines or disabled by a power outage or internet disconnection. Your home will always be monitored.

Home owners with security systems are typically eligible for a home insurance discount of up to 25 per cent. That’s cash in your pocket every month or year. And security systems deter thieves and vandals.

Intelligent Smart Home Connectivity is a Cost-Effective Security System Solution


A smart home security system features sensors, devices, hardware and other technology connected to a network through a hub. You can access and control the devices in your home on a smart phone, tablet or computer from anywhere there is a cellular or internet connection.

Smart 4U, your Toronto alarm company, is an expert in the installation of home automation and security solutions. In fact, security companies are the leading providers of smart home technology.

Video monitoring is a large element of smart home security systems. Triggered by motion, the system will alert you in the event of a specific activity – such as somebody unexpectedly coming through one of your home’s entrances. Video monitoring also allows you to peek inside through live streaming. Or, it can record clips at predetermined times and send them to you.

Monitored smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors are also elements of a smart home security system. They will identify the source of the heat and in the event of a fire notify the security provider and the local fire department. Carbon monoxide detectors will shut down the furnace if any carbon monoxide is sensed.


Smart Home Security System


Going further, monitored temperature sensors will alert you should the furnace break down. This can avoid burst pipes from water in them freezing.

And if your washing machine or dishwasher leaks, monitored flood sensors will alert you, too. They will do the same for broken sprinklers or sewer back-up.

The benefit of being alerted with these events is being able to react quickly and limit the damages caused by them. This could eliminate having to file an insurance claim, too.

An insurance claim can be costly in terms of expense and effort. The deductible on home insurance can be up to $1000. Filing a claim and dealing with an insurance adjustor can be a headache. If losses or damages occur you will have to shop for replacement items, possibly assemble them and incur delivery costs, too. Losses from theft or vandalism can be significant as can be the damages from fire, flood, or furnace break-down. Lost or damaged sentimental items are irreplaceable.

A smart home security system keeps you connected with constant and intelligent monitoring. It goes beyond a simple security system to use state-of-the-art technology to protect your home, your valuables and your family.

Talk to the experts at Smart 4U, your Toronto alarm company, to learn more about the benefits of a smart home security system and the costs of going without one. The technology for smart monitoring of your home is available and less expensive than you believe.

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