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Raise Your Home’s Intelligence with Smart Home Technology

April 07, 2018

Do you know what a smart home security system in Toronto can do for you? Smart 4U, your Toronto alarm company, can install and monitor a set of connected devices that will allow you to control or change activities at your property with a tap on your keypad, tablet or smartphone.

How would you like certain lights in your home to turn on automatically half an hour before sunset? How about being able to view outside the front entrance remotely when the doorbell rings? Or allow front door entry to a friend for one day only?

You can do all these things, and more, with a smart home security system. Using intelligent devices connected to each other through a hub you can customize settings, arrange alerts and schedule reminders for many of the activities in your home. You can keep in touch, view and change the settings using your computer, tablet or smart phone anywhere there is a cellular or internet connection.

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Smart 4U, your Toronto alarm company, will keep in touch with your home, too. A smart home security system will reduce response times and the chances of a false alarm: you and they will be alerted with unexpected motion and will be able to see inside the home remotely. As well, smart monitoring means that the security system will respond at all times and not only when it is armed, as with conventional alarm systems.

Make Life Easier & Protect Your Family With Smart home Security in Toronto

Here are more smart home security system features:

  • Access control. The doors to the home may be locked and unlocked from anywhere. The garage door may be opened and closed this way as well. The system will notify you if the garage door was left open. Codes to access the doors can be set for different people, allowing them access at different times and for limited times only. The system will lock all doors and close the garage door when armed.
  • Video monitoring. Smart video is triggered to record with motion sensors. The cameras may be turned on remotely to peek into certain areas of the home. This can provide valuable information in the event of a break-in, fire or other adverse event. Smart video monitoring can also be used to comply with insurance requirements by checking into the home periodically when it is vacant.
  • Energy management. Smart thermostats can adjust the temperature inside the home as soon as everyone leaves it. Together with window sensors they can alert you if a window was left open and adjust the heat or air conditioning if it remains that way. Smart thermostats can also alert in the event of a furnace malfunction. This can avoid burst pipes from the water in them freezing.

Connected devices. Smart light bulbs, switches and plugs can turn lights on and off in response to events such as the front door opening. Water sensors can alert in the event of washing machine and dishwasher leaks as well as with broken sprinklers or sewer backup. Heat, and smoke detectors can alert in the event of fire. Carbon monoxide detectors can turn off the furnace if they sense the presence of carbon monoxide in the home.

Smart home security systems are easy to use and less expensive than you believe. Make your home intelligent with a smart home security system from Smart 4U, your Toronto alarm company. Protect your family, make your life easier and give yourself peace of mind using state-of-the art technology. Contact Smart 4U for a free quote today.

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