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Why Do I Need to Pay for Alarm Monitoring?

August 29, 2018

Self-monitoring of home security systems in Toronto is ill-advised

Why I need alarm monitoring

A home security system protects your resident and your family while providing peace of mind. A professionally monitored security system from Smart4U, your Toronto home alarm and security systems provider and a Local Monitoring Station authorized dealer, is superior to a self-monitored one.

Here’s why!

Technology has reduced the price of professionally monitored security systems. Talk to the security experts at Smart4U for details. Saving what amounts to a few dollars a month is not worth giving up 24-hour-a-day professional security monitoring of your home and family.

The largest risk of self-monitoring is that if you’re not home to hear the alarm or even worse not able to receive any signals sent to your smartphone if self monitoring is what you chose.  Most likely,  the threat in your home will go unaddressed. The authorities will not be alerted and dispatched to stop thieves and vandals or to put out a fire.

If you are at home and not in a position to alert the authorities, then the same outcome will occur or even worse.

If the alarm system in your home sounds you must first

  • Take steps to protect yourself and your family
  • Assess the situation and determine the nature of the threat
  • Decide whether or not to alert the authorities.

Lastly, you may do just that!

Smart4U, your Toronto home alarm and security systems provider, will professionally monitor your home around the clock using Local Monitoring Station state of the art monitoring centre and technologies. If a fire starts or a burglar or vandal enters your home the authorities will be alerted and dispatched. All that will be required of you is that you evacuate the home with your family.

Risks exist even with a smart home security system. Yes, the system will notify you in the event of a break-in, fire or other threat. But if you’re not available to receive the telephone call, text or e-mail message it sends then the threat will not be addressed. Furthermore, if you are not in a position to alert the authorities – such as being far from home – then the threat will not be addressed, either. Finally, it will be difficult to assess the situation in your home if you’re not there.

Smart4U, a Local Monitoring Station authorized dealer, offers a variety of professionally monitored security systems at affordable prices. The experts at Smart4U, your Toronto home alarm and security systems provider, would be happy to discuss home security solutions with you.

Contact Smart4U today to protect your home and family. Around-the-clock peace of mind with a professionally monitored security system is affordable. And advisable.