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Here’s How Smart Home Monitoring Can Work for You in Toronto

March 08, 2018

Simply put, Smart Home Monitoring is about connecting your security devices to a mobile or desktop app from anywhere, using a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. It’s about using connectivity to remotely monitor not just video cameras, but also control locks, window treatments, garage doors, lights and other devices.

Motion sensors, door sensors, smoke or CO detectors can trigger notifications by email or SMS, allowing you to decide on what course of action to take, in the event of any suspicious activity detected around your property. It is an effective convenient, energy-efficient solution that is great for all kinds of security needs.

Why Smart Home Monitoring Makes Sense


There are a host of advantages offered by Smart 4U emPower™ intelligent automation. These home automation solutions offer clients across Toronto peace of mind, not just because they deter theft, but because they help conserve energy too.

Being able to control them from a smartphone or desktop device also makes them extremely convenient, as they allow you to monitor a property from anywhere, at any time. Here’s a quick look at why they are so popular:

  • Constant surveillance: You can access or control your Security system from anywhere.
  • Instant notifications: Movements can trigger SMS alerts as well as live video feeds.
  • Energy efficiency: Smart Home thermostats also help you conserve energy.
  • Total control: Smart Home Apps can lock doors, and control lights or appliances remotely.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Every package includes cameras, Touchscreen Control Panels, Cellular Communicator, Smart Thermostat, Light Control Module, Door or Window Sensors, Motion Sensor, Smoke Detector, co2 Detector and more. Packages can also be tailored to specific needs and security requirements.
  • What clients get are not just interactive security, but constant video monitoring, great energy management, powerful home automation and an ultimate sense of wellness.

Want Smart Home Monitoring? Call Smart4U Security in Toronto


Smart4U Security offers a host of Smart Home Monitoring solutions to clients across Toronto. Find out what your options are, and get a host of recommendations by calling our team today!