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Practical Summer Vacation Security Tips for your Ottawa Home

August 12, 2017

The last thing you want to experience when returning home from a summer vacation is finding out you have been victim to a break-in. According to crime stats published by the Ottawa Police Service, there are an average of just over 23,400 break-ins annually in the area, so the risk is considerable. Here are some practical security tips to minimize your risk and protect your home against burglary.

Install a Monitored Surveillance and Security System


With a wide selection of hardware suppliers and monitoring services, Smart4U Security can design and install a security and surveillance system for your Ottawa home for less than you might think. With connected cameras and our advanced software, you can receive alerts on your phone while you are away that allow you view the live feed to see who is on your property. When you consider the costs involved with theft or break-ins, the peace of mind a monitored alarm system can bring you is invaluable.

Do Not Share your Plans on Social Media


As tempting as it is to want to share your excitement, speaking about your trip on social media is like a beacon to would-be thieves, guiding them to your empty home. If you have children who are active on social media, be sure to remind them not to announce the vacation either. Wait to post any pictures of your vacation until you return home and be sure geo-locators are turned off on all family phones for maximum protection.

Keep up the Appearance of Daily Living


It is critical to make your home appear as if it is occupied while you are away on vacation. Burglars will often case Ottawa neighbourhoods looking for signs that people are away for extended periods. Smart home monitoring systems allow you to program or remotely control connected devices such as electronics, lights, locks and thermostats. We often recommend this service for our home security customers because you can program your electronics and lighting to turn off and on at the usual times they would if your family was home.

Yard Care


While home security systems are enough to deter most thieves, if you plan to be away for a week or more, you should consider hiring a mowing service. Not only will you come home to a mowed lawn, you will not give the impression that no one is home after all.

Smart4U Security in Ottawa wants you to be able to enjoy your summer vacation to fullest and not worry about your home’s security. Contact us to learn more about smart home monitoring or security systems that we will design to your specific needs and budget.