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The importance of Home Security Systems over the holidays

December 16, 2015

The holiday season means all sorts of festive activities for the family. For many parents though, the holiday season means no kids in school for a few weeks and sometimes they need to be left home alone. While it’s not always the ideal situation, there are some steps you can take before you leave and while you’re at work that will help prepare you and your children to ensure a safe and happy holiday.

Determine the rules, no exceptions!

Put together some rules of do’s and don’ts. Don’t use the stove, never open the door for a stranger and don’t leave the house without permission are some rules to instill. Determining specific check-in times throughout the day can also alleviate your worry. Maybe it’s at lunchtime and then again when you’re on your way home. Whatever works for you and your child? Before leaving make sure your fire alarm has fresh batteries and is working properly. This may also be a good time to consider a home security installation, which can help to ensure that your kids are safe and provide you with notifications in case of emergency.

Prepare Your Children

Before leaving your children on their own, make sure they’re prepared and feel at ease with the new level of responsibility. Age alone shouldn’t be your only determining factor. Ask them if they feel ready, role-play realistic situations or even do a home safety check with your child an make sure they know how to use the fire extinguisher, where the first aid kit is and how to use the home security system panic buttons in case of emergency.

Monitoring Home Security System

If you have a home security system there are many features that can help you keep an eye out when you’re away. Installation of security cameras is perfect for monitoring children at home.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Leaving children alone at times is a great way for them to gain independence and learn responsibility. With preparation and trust it can be a non-stressful experience. To really protect your children, a monitored home security system is the ideal choice. It can give you the peace of mind that your loved ones are being guarded 24 hours a day while you’re away. With wireless technology and mobile apps, you can check in on your children at any time while you’re out of the house.

Smart4U Security is your number one choice for security because we use the latest technology in all of our systems, providing mobile and wireless systems and 24/7 monitoring of your home. Call Home Security at 905-488-4393 to get started protecting what you hold most dear with a home alarm installation.