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Why High-Definition CCTV In Toronto Makes So Much Sense

January 24, 2018

There are plenty of options when looking at CCTV systems in Toronto to protect your business or storefront, and not all those options are created equal.  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) style technologies have been around long enough that there are plenty of cheap options on the market – but most of the time, that’s very much a case of “you get what you pay for.”  

High-definition CCTV is somewhat more expensive per camera than older analog or “standard definition” systems, but they bring a lot of benefits over the older technology.  In many cases, their extra utility and cost savings mean the long-term cost-of-ownership is lower than the “cheaper” alternatives.

Three Reasons High-Definition CCTV Is a Good Idea


High-Definition CCTV In Toronto


First, to be clear:  “High Definition” covers cameras with at least 1.3-megapixel resolutions, and can potentially go up to 5 megapixels or higher.  Older SD cameras, by comparison, are only around .3 megapixels.  Analog/videotape-based systems have even lower resolutions.

1 Better coverage area

Since HD cameras have higher resolution, they can potentially offer a much wider field of view without compromising picture quality.  In most cases, you would need three or four SD cameras to surveil the same amount of space as a single HD camera.  So, the number of cameras you would need to buy is potentially much smaller with HD CCTV systems.

2. Higher resolutions bring better forensics 

Simply put, most SD or older cameras are very bad at producing the sort of facial details necessary to prove a person is the one who intruded on your property.  In addition, SD cameras can rarely -if ever- capture crucial details such as car license plate numbers.  In case of a break-in or similar situation, you have a much better chance of identifying and catching the culprit if you have HD cameras installed.

3. Analytics make surveillance easier

HD cameras can also be sent into computer systems which can do much of your work for you.  The computers can spot objects that go missing as a camera sweeps back and forth, or keep count of the number of people onscreen.  Advanced systems can even alert you automatically if there’s an anomaly!  It’s a real time-saver.

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